"No matter how closely we look, it is difficult to find a mental act that can take place without the support of some physical function"
- Moshe Feldenkrais

Awareness Through Movement®

Weekly classes, and private tuition

Participate in a weekly class or private tuition that introduces, implements new ways of thought, perception of movement, health, human behavior, self-image and exercise.

In a comfortable, safe, pleasant and fun atmosphere learn to:

Improve posture, flexibility, coordination & movement efficiency

Enhance personal, emotional & physical well being

Eliminate pain and movement restrictions

Learn to move and live mindfully & elegantly

Refine performance skills (athletes, musicians, actors, dancers)

Minimize work-related stress

Increase ability to experience pleasure

Develop greater thinking capabilities

Regain lost function due to orthopedic or neurological problems

Learn how to release debilitating habits whilst re-educating your mind body for greater ease and mobility. Somatic education is ultimate brain gym with the accompaniment of gentle, explorative movement

Micro Movements, a journey of Quantum learning!

Repaterning the Nervous System to Restore Physical Balance

wednesday evenings, 7.30 - 8.30 p.m.
Where: Hot Dog Yoga Studio, 202 Main Street,
Sea Point, Cape Town

Single Class: R200                                                                                Seniors: R150                                                                                                                                

Class limited to 10 students. To Reserve your place +27 21 434 3357

Private and semi private (2 person) lessons in Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® are available.

Purchase series of 6 private or series of semi private at discounted rates.

Call +27 21 434 3357 

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It is important to feel comfortable. Dress in warm loose clothing layers. Be prepared for change of body temperatures.


Why learn Feldenkrais? Do you experience daily discomfort, aches and pains? Do you have debilitating movement restrictions? Would you like to feel more comfortable in your body? Would you be interested in learning how to rehabilitate your own body without having to go through expensive, painful surgery or weekly chiropractic adjustments?

Can you recall the graceful movements you had as a child? The excitement of facing challenges, the way you would fall and pick yourself up, try again repeatedly until you succeeded? Somewhere along, as we grew older, we learned habits to protect ourselves, habits that may no longer serve us. These habits manifested not only psychologically, but also physically- as stiffness, inflexibility, pain, holding patterns, gripping onto old belief’s, limitations, suffering, and resistance to life’s challenges.

We don't have to suffer daily or accept that with age or injuries we eventually become stiff and fearful of falling. It is never too late to learn and become empowered within our own bodies. By using our concious mind- body connections in a way that is already wired into our nervous systems since birth, we can entice the brain and body with developmental excercises so that we can live with self preservation, confidence and human dignity.

Classes in Awareness Through Movement® help us re evaluate our attitude to ourselves and how we use our bodies.

By focusing on internal sensations during verbally guided exercises, we can change our habitual patterns effortlessly. It is recommended to give yourself a series of lessons, a period of 6-9 weeks to assess the inevitable changes and benefits you will experience with somatic movement education.


During an Awareness Through Movement® class, you - the student will be verbally guided and taught gentle controlled movements to enhance body/mind connections, improve posture, release chronic muscle tension and develop a more holistic self-image. Your inherent learning potential can be reawakened.

All commited students have reported a greater movement range, which they had previously believed as limited, as well as elimination of chronic pain, insomnia and an increasing respect for their bodies and their approaches to daily challenges.

By commiting yourself to a series of 8 -10 weekly classes, you will experience a new perspective in your self-image and in your life. You will experience positive self growth. You will gain new awareness of certain choice responces to external and internal challenges. This may delight and inspire you in many ways. Every one recieves what they are ready to learn, and everyone has individual progresive results. The learning never ends, and you get to choose how many classes you are willing to commit to in a period.

The classes are also highly recommended for professionals such as dancers, athletes, bodyworkers, actors and musicians.

Mariamne Wulfn completed the Uk 1990 Professional Feldenkrais Method Training Programme®, and is a certified Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner, a Dance Choreographer, and instructor of Yoga, Stretch and Mat Pilates.

Mariamne practices and offers Flower Essence Therapy, Structural Bodyworker and works with energy medicine in her private practice.

She has been teaching internationally since 1991 in the UK, INDIA, USA and South Africa.

Mariamne has taught Neuro-Muscular Re-education to nurses, bodyworkers and massage therapists at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing (I.P.S.B) in Los Angeles, California and curently is based in Cape Town, working in the USA and UK several months each year.


We are a grass roots company. Every Shamanessence Product's bottle's content is hand made and shaken 108 times with love,

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Mariamne Wulfn

Cape Town, +27 214 343357

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