Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart!

Bodywork helps you let go of stress and trauma safely whilst introducing new, healthier patterns in your nervous system, body and mind.

Healing Structural Bodywork

Neuromuscular Re-Education - with The Feldenkrais Method®

I assist people of all ages and abilities, to find the path of a pain free living, reducing habitual movement restrictions so that every day mobility becomes more effortless and one experiences an improved sence of well -being.

Bodywork promotes personal balance and individual expression of the soul: for more information on Feldenkrais, please check this link;-

Feldenkrais Method®

A bodywork session takes approx. 1 hour to 90min (1st session) with flower essences and a personal custom made formula.
Packages are available.
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Experience the integrative journey of Mind, Body & Soul evolution with a unique approach to healing, utilizing the Feldenkrias Method® Functional Integration® with Life Energy Transference, Body Code® and Flower Essence therapy for accelerated healing, balance and harmony.

Healing Bodywork sessions are appropriate for people who are aware of the present planetary shifts going on in the new millennium and would like to ride the energy with integrity and balance. It is also for those who have physical challenges and would like to expand and integrate the mind body as a wholistic singular functioning system

What some call spiritual shifts or 'quantum leaps' are often experienced with aches and pains in the physical body, and this can be challenging. Any shift in our energy field affects the central nervous system, so a physical component is inevitable when expanding conciousness. This may be sometimes experienced as misalignments in the spine and cranium - with muscular aches and pains. These symptoms sometimes go hand in hand with our spiritual and emotional growth. When the physical body cannot accommodate these shifts we may feel frustration. It can seem as if we are moving backwards or regressing, instead of stepping forward. The addition of flower essence therapy to the bodywork offered can be truly amazing for creating and maintaining balance in the elecromagnetic fields as well as growth of spirit.

The intention of Energetic Healing with Feldenkrais® is to integrate without compromising the nervous system several modes of healing practices and energy medicine for those who are willing and open to the journey. Students are encouraged to use these bodywork lessons with a practical schedule of good rest, fluids and a balanced diet so that the work can be fully integrated and stabilized into everyday life.

The sessions take place on a wide low table, fully clothed. Expect to be very gently manipulated through the bones, some muscle massage or accupressure type touch with emphasis on following ones natural breath patterns. I offer people dosage(s) of formula of Flower Essences before and after the session for balance and stabilization, assimilation of the work. The flower essences help to integrate the re-patterning session into everyday life. These 'vibrational elixirs' help assist the release and integration of any shifts, traumas or unnecessary habits, in order to facilitate expansion and help process your healing with balance. Trapped emotions can be identified and released in seconds, using magnets as a tool.

Weekly 'Awareness Through Movement' class students recieve a 20% discount on Functional Integration Lessons and healing bodywork.


We are a grass roots company. Every Shamanessence Product's bottle's content is hand made and shaken 108 times with love,

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