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Shamanessence Products® - Nature in a Bottle!™

These amazing formulas were created for everyone, from professionals; nurses, therapists, massage practitioners and healers, to everyday folk who seek drug free relief from our the stress and intense challenges of our modern tecnological (toxic) world. These easy to use 'frequency' - vibrational formulas promote Harmony and Balance, bringing uplifting, elavating healing vibrations and scents of Nature from all over the world, to your home, work, space and environment!

Shamanessence Products contain unique formulas which were co-created with Nature and Devic Intelligence in a team endevour, bringing balance, harmony and integrity to the combination of ingredients, including labels and packaging products of this line. These universal formulas were designed and created with the intention of delivering energetic, vibrational healing & upliftment for the human population and Earth! A synergization of aromatherapy & vibrational medicine is at the foundation. We have utilized unique blends of essential oils, Flower Essences, Gem elixirs, Environmental elixirs, Starlight's and Heart love. The formulas were designed to help secure electrical balance on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The key to staying healthy is Balance. Enjoy using Shamanessence Products at any time, in the office, at home, at workshops and demo events and especially after bathing or as part of your facial beauty routine. Suitable for the little people too!

Shamanessence® formulas are made only with natural high conscious ingredients. There are no artificial preservatives or toxic ingredients and they are absolutely cruelty free.

Due to current strict 'no fluids' airmail postal policy regulatios in South Africa, customer orders fromout of Africa can only be processed by surface mail. i travels annualy to England and the USA, and processes cart orders during those periods. For dates, contact Mariamne at shamanessence@gmail.com.

Flower essences are wonderful for re-establishing the balance and integrity of mind, body, planet & soul fusion that ordinarily Nature would provide. As a result of pollution and destruction of our natural resources, we are not energetically supported as we use to be by our natural environments. Flower essences assist us to re balance, so that our bodies can do the job it is designed to do- heal.

Choose from the following hand made line, or have a special custom formula made just for you!

Please note that it is possible to purcahse your order using Paypal, Snap Scan or EFT

USA product line orders pending until 2018, orders can be purchased from South Africa and shipped.

Disclaimer: Although flower essences do not interfere with medical prescriptions, Shamanessence products are not intended as a substitute treatment for any medical condition. Be sure to seek professional medical help when appropriate!


We are a grass roots company. Every Shamanessence Product's bottle's content is hand made and shaken 108 times with love,

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