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Experience life with the integrity, adaptability, divinity and dignity as the joyous co-creators we are meant to be!
Tap into your potential, transform your life harmoniously!
Shamanessence offers self balancing healthy clean products and integrative services that are educational, practical, easy to learn – serving life with holistic healing modalities. Our intent is to be open and deliver true expressions of Divine Self, integrating Body Mind, & Spirit with Quantum Leap- Co-Creative Science.

Shamanessence® an umbrella
of the Healing Arts.

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Reduce pain, improve posture, brain function, self-image, and increase physical adaptability, mobility, health and well being.

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Release & reprogramme subconccious trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, low self worth, heart walls, & creative blocks.

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Restore faith, confidence, tap into your innate wisdom. Finding greater inner peace, appreciation, excercising gratitude. Self realisation, life purpose, direction and joyfilled living.

The Feldenkrais Method®

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The Feldenkrais Method® was developed in Israel, and named after its inventor Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 -1984). It revolves around a unique approach to learning through somatic movement education …..

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I help people of all ages and abilities, to find the path of a pain free life, reducing habitual movement restrictions, learning adaptability so that every day mobility becomes effortless and one experiences a greater sence of well -being.

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Privavate and semi-private class & workshops,
Corporate group learning.

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Flower Essences

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Vibrational imprints of flowers, crystals or environmental frequencies transferred and stabilized in water. They are very effective in helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting or destructive patterns of behavior. The essences support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. They work directly with both the electrical and central nervous system.

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Custom made formulas for all mind body & soul challenges. Including Emergency Trauma Formulas that serves as your own personal rescue remedy plus. Available for adults, children & animals. Long distance consultation services available.

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