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Anointing Amulets™

Anointing Talismans™

Get instant access to the vibrational healing Shamanessence formulas in powerful concentrates, to be carried in your medicine bag, pocket, anoint meridians or use in the bath!

Shamanessence® Anointing Amulets™ are powerful Talismans that are very concentrated formulas designed for moving and healing Chi/Energy. They are popular tools for Ritual, Ceremony, Bath and Energy Work. Anointing Amulets™ can also be diluted and used as Shamanessence® spray refills for economical ways to disperse the healing frequencies.

Carry your Anointing Amulet™ on your body, (a great addition to your Medicine Bag), or in your pocket. You will be giving your electromagnetic field and crystals/herbs a positive constant vibrational ‘charge’!

Each formula contains unique synergistic blends of Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Environmental Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, Essential Oils, and Love. They may be used externally on meridian points, energy centers and minor injuries. They are very concentrated, so can be diluted with oil, lotions, face moisturizer, or add 10+ drops to bath soak for an overall vibrational tune up body treatment.

If you don’t see your favorite Shamanessence® formula below, it can be special ordered (e.g Art of Dreams, Cha*A*ra Roses, Grounding & Focus, Chakra formula concentrates 1st – to 8th).