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Healing -Structural Bodywork

Neuromuscular Re-Education – somatic movement education with The Feldenkrais Method®

Los Angeles, London, New York, Cape Town

I assist people of all ages and abilities, to rediscover and recreate neuro pathways of pain free, expanded living. By reducing habitual movement restrictions every day mobility and thinking becomes more accessible & effortless! Experience improved sense of well -being, personal growth, inner expansion, improved thinking, and noticible well being.

Bodywork promotes personal balance and individual expression of the soul. For more information on the Feldenkrais Method® please check this link;-

Feldenkrais Method®

Experience the integrative journey of Mind, Body & Soul evolution with a unique approach to healing, utilizing the Feldenkrias Method® Functional Integration® with Life Energy Transference, Body Codes® and Flower Essence therapy for accelerated holistic healing, balance and harmony.

Healing Bodywork sessions are most appropriate for people who may be aware of the powerful planetary shifts going on in this new millennium and would like to ride the challenges with increased integrity and balance. It is also for those who may have physical or cognitive challenges and would like to improve their living daily quality, expand and integrate the mind body as a wholistic singular functioning system of Living – Being!

A bodywork session takes approx. 1 hour to 90min (the 1st session). Flower essences and a personal custom made formula is optional and included in the session.
Packages are available upon request.

Your session is a ‘lesson’ for the your nervous system and brain., introducing new neuro pathways for improved daily function. You will be guided through these pathways with my hands -using gentle, non-invasive touch. We work on a low table, fully clothed.

Each session is a lesson developed specifically for you, the student, it is custom tailor made. The student learns how to reorganise their daily actions with effective new ways of moving as a result of experiencing more ease and comfort guidance from the lesson.

Come prepared: wear loose comfortable clothing, removing belts, cell phone, wallets and contents of pockets.

After your session, drinks plenty of fluids and take it gently for the remainder of your day if possible. The session takes up to 48 hours to fully process.

Weekly committed Awareness Through Movement® class students may receive a 20% discount on Functional Integration® lessons and healing structural bodywork. If that’s you, please request your ‘Student Special’!