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Chakra Oils

Shamanessence® Chakra Oils ™

Originally designed for healers, ministers and therapists to compliment their work, bodywork and energy work practice. These vibrational oils are loved and used by Yogis and regular everyday people who strive to work with mind, body & spiritual development.

Use the appropriate formulas for activation, energization and balancing of the chakra system.

An example would be to dowse, muscle-test, or apply kinesiology to determine which formulas you need to focus on first. You can use your inner guidance system, intuition.

WHOLE BODY SYSTEM:-It is recommended to heal/ work on the Base root chakra initially for several days, then repeat with the next two chakras before moving up to the Heart and higher chakras.
The formulas can be used with a clear INTENT for best results.

Working each Chakra one at a time for aprox 3 – 4 days before moving up is the best option for an overall Chakra Tune up! Use a small amount 2 times a day.

One can have an integration period after working on all 8 Chakras, and then restart at the Base Chakra for half the amount of days you did during the first ’round’ of 8 chakra activation.

Check each product descriptions for more information.