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In the Aquarian Age we are learning to go within to find our
saviour. We are the power we are looking for!

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Flower Essence Consultations – Vibrational Medicine for the Soul

A Flower Essence consultation takes approximately 45- 75 minutes.
After selecting your most appropriate formula, a reading follows to interpret your formula’s attributes. We will gain insights into your Soul’s journey, highlighting the potential benefits of the essence’s to be taken for a certain period.
Spiritual counselling, down to Earth practical advice and inspirational insights will become available to assist you on your personal healing journey. You can anticipate an empowering, inspirational journey for your whole Being. Long distance readings are available; your formula can be posted to you.

Its recommended prepare for your session with a few questions to ask yourself; for guidance as to what you are wanting to focus and work wit. This may you to identify your challenges, desires and needs:

  • What is the brick wall I am facing in my life at present? (one to three adjectives to describe this) and what part of my nature is making this happen or making the situation harder to resolve?
  • What is the problem that keeps repeating itself in my life? (one to three adjectives to describe this) and what part of my nature needs to change so that I don’t have to go through this again?
  • What change in attitude or behaviour would be most beneficial to me at present, but which I feel difficult or impossible to achieve?

Your customized formula will assist you with any shifts in consciousness that you need in order to help release trauma, karma or unnecessary habits. It will help you regain a more positive outlook on life we all inherently possess and deserve.
In the case when I choose to make a flower essence remedy for one after healing bodywork, the formula also functions to facilitate, stabilize, and balance the spiritual expansion that takes place from your bodywork or other healing work session. It helps with your individual healing progress, offering greater mind, body, and spiritual balance. In short, the essences help repair your body’s many electrical systems.

Combining Flower Essence Therapy with BodyCodes® or the structural bodywork I offer is highly recommended for people who really want to move out of old negative patterns fast and effectively and enjoy the journey of body mind connectivity. This is the ultimate gift to yourself if you would like to make a 180 degree turn in your life. A six session package can be designed to suits your individual needs, with integration periods in-between sessions. Book with me now at +27 748400066, Shamanessence@gmail.com.

CUSTOMIZED FORMULAS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN, ANIMALS & PLANTS. Microbial Balancing Processes, Soil-less Gardens and long distance formulas.