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About Mariamne

about me

My life began with a lot of movement & almost constant travel, living with family in South Africa, England, France, Canada, Israel, and the USA. I continues to travel and ended up living in Holland, and India, experiencing many other countries in Europe and Scandinavia.

My background and education was mostly in Contemporary Dance practice. I was accepted and completed the UK’s very first BTEC Higher National Diploma in Dance, following with a BA Hons in Dance Practice & Cultural Policies. All during this four year period also completing The Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme® (1990-1994). During this short period I gained many rich experiences including teaching P.E teachers how to opt in to teach Dance in the National Curriculum. I choreographed in joint projects and performed in small-scale Independent Dance troups, studying administration, funding and sponsorship for the arts.

Having choreographed and facilitated forms of Contemporary Dance for schools, Theatre, youth clubs and Theatre groups in the community with my collages and solo,I  created a small preformace troup of physical theatre, break dance and live graffiti troup named Creative Impulse.

In-between studies and teaching I worked by  creating a jewelry line  Miami Nice – One of a Kind Jewelry, designing from materials such as crystals, shells & natural fall feathers. I  worked as I travelled to support myself by selling during travels such as at the Anguna Market/Goa in India, festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading, Leamington Spa Peace Festival, World Music Festivals and London street festivals. I also  devised opportunities for teaching Feldenkrais classes as I travelled. My keen ongoing interest in herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, bodywork and essential oils started at an earlier period. During my studies I came back to it all initiating a deeper dive into aromatherapy, and flower essences therapy, oracles, and  muscle testing.I was already creating the natural- chemical free cosmetics in the arly 90s, which later developed into Shamanessence® Products around 1996.

My huge leaap of moving back to the USA was inspired by the reunion my birth mother and seeking to study Tensegrity Magical Passes with Carlos Cataneda. There lay the exciting opportunity to immerge into a way of living which was deeply infused with dicipline, movement, dreaming and recapitulating ones life.


  • I took on an eight month Flower Essence Apprenticeship in 1996 in Venice Beach, California to become a therapist in Vibrational Medicine, using innovative dowsing techniques, flower essences and crystal elixirs. This was a period I perceived as another ‘quantum leaps’ in personal growth, empowerment and  research. I endevoured more into learning healing modalities, such as Cellular Recal Therapy (bodywork) Co-Creative Science – the ground breaking work of Machaelle Small Wright’s work with Nature research. This co-creative work with Nature Intelligence & Devas is what really took my work to a new innovative level. This was the inspiration of taking my natural cosmetic line to the next level as true healing tools, a generic line of Shamanessence® Products. I also endevoured when possible to  evole my solo experience of my Feldenkrais based structural healing bodywork practice.
  • Energy practices such as Pranic Healing, Life Energy, Healing Codes and Body Codes®, Meta Medicine were a natural procession of self education and inspiration to add to the Shamanessence® services umbrella. I could spend my whole life studying and well, one must. But one must also give and practice shifting and changing.
  • I worked with Holistic Chiropractors in Los Angeles, offering the Feldenkrais Method and microbial balacing to assist people moving through pain and illness.
  • Every country Ive had to adapt greatly and find avenues of service. Yoga and Pilates has been an offering I give aswell as that has been in my life on and off for decades.

Mariamne volunteered for Heart Touch, a two year contract (2005-07) a charity organization who offer gentle touch to the elderly, home bound, Hospice adults and children in hospitals and home. Mariamne has incidentally continued to specialise in working joyfully with seniors and the elderly well into their mid 90s.

In 1997 Mariamne became Joan Wulfsohn’s assistant teacher at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (I.P.S.B ) in Los Angeles, teaching Cellular Recall Therapy and Human Energy Systems. She later taught Neuromuscular Re-Education at I.P.S.B, devising three course levels, working there until 2007.

In 1998 Mariamne officially launched Shamanessence® a very small business that provides unique environmental products for alternative healing, holistic health and well being. The name ‘Shamanessence’ was devised, created and gifted to Mariamne by Denis Mason. Denis felt that this innovative newly created word Shamanessence contained an all encompassing description of Mariamne’s essence and work.

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Shamanessence® Products was conceived and co-created together with Nature Intelligence, using the synergy of Nature Intelligence, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Therapy. The products were designed for private, professional, cosmetic and home use. These unique combinations of vibrational medicine with aromatherapy took flower essences therapies application and accessibility to a new level, breaking many combinational ‘rules’ of certain essential oils. At the time, a leap of faith was in the calling in her personal perception and creativity.

Mariamne’s Healing Art’s practice has been motivated with the desire to learn and share knowledge with people interested in self development, soul searching searching, using multi-dimensional approaches to Mind, Body and Spiritual holidtic health. She has taught Healing Movement and Bodywork classes/seminars and workshops in Holland, England, India, and U.S.A. Mariamne has been teaching Yoga, Pilate’s, Dance and Deep Stretch in Holland, USA, Yoga Studio’s, currently at Virgin Active in South Africa. She simultaneously runs a private practice of Structural Bodywork, Feldenkrais Method’s Awareness Through Movement, Flower Essence Therapy and Energetic Medicine practices such as Healing Code, Emotion and Body Codes®.

Mariamne’s work has been greatly inspired by Machelle Small Wright’s work- Perelandra Nature Research processes, offering Microbial Balancing, Soiless Gardening, Gardening with Nature Intelligence and the Energetic Transmutation of Human’s negative energic impact in our fields, land/Space and bodies of water.