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Space Clearing for Office, Home & Land

Energy Transmutations for harmony, balance & healthy living!

Co-Creative Processes for Living:

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Energy Cleansing

Battle Energy Release

Soil Balancing & Stabilizing

Geopathic Zones & Atmospheric Balancing Process

There are four to five stages for the Energy Clearing Process for home, office or land

The Energy Cleansing process releases surface emotional, stagnant energy present in the area. This is a preparation for deeper releases brought about by the Battle Energy Release Process. The Soil Balancing & Stabilization Process serves to strengthen, Balance and Stabilize the land. These first three processes operate as a package. They lay the foundation for environmental harmony for any work which may follow.

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The one but last stage is to check for inbalances with Geopathic Zones, and or Atmosphere Balancing, complete the process, then check for imbalances such as with insects, rodents, mold spores, etc. Once balance is found, the species don’t feel threatened any more, they can can rebalance or move out. Note; there is no intention here to get rid of any species, rather, we ‘make peace’ with them so that we can co-exist. I now also work with nature to balance bodies of water.

Often people use ritual, sage, and other methods to clear space of stagnant energies. Sometimes ‘ghosts’ or other entities are perceived by our senses, which may disturb our equanimity and sense of harmony, or sleep patterns. It is my belief that every ‘thought’ which has been created still exists in the atmosphere. Sometimes these thoughts conglomerate, and have a life of their own. Thought forms from the past are still present to this age, and somtimes we unconciously ‘tap’ into them and reinvestment in them, identifiying them with the self.

Unfortunately, often a fearful element dominates these thought forms. People often experience them as disturbing their sleep patterns, haunting spirits, strange scents with no apparent source, or a feeling an apprehension in certain spaces for no logical reasons. Sometimes very sensitive individuals experience them as non-physical life forces with ‘evil’ or invasive intentions.

Ideally all negativity would transmute to another plane of existence, but as the universe functions on law of attraction, all that is- still exists. Another perspective is to understand that Nature provides the earth plane with a ‘buffer’ so that our negative inputs and destruction does not seep out into the universe, but rather stays earth bound to an extent very slowly transmuting.
The intention of Space Clearing is essential for us humans to work on our planet in a co-creative relationship with Nature Intelligence rather than a manipulator, so that we do what we originally agreed to do which is to take care of the earth, to be ‘care-takers’ of our beautiful world.

It is possible with clear intention, to clear all emotional debris from land and space, remove ghosts, spirits and entities so that we can re-create what ever we desire from a new perspective, (a happy home, a healthy business, a balanced garden). By clearing out old stagnant energies, room is available for new beginnings, and we are helping Nature to do our end of the job.

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Unlike other known methodologies for space clearing, I work as a facilitator, co-creatively with Nature Intelligence and other Devic realms, including the Deva of the space, land or home. Together as a team, we transmute negative energies to their next level in the universe. This is done with love and respect. Some may call this work ‘exorcizing’, or ‘ghost busting’.

I prefer to refer this process as a ‘transmutation’ of energy. The energies transmuted move on to their next place in their evolutionary process, be that a plane of existence or whatever it may be. It is not for us to determine where or what that may be.

The Space Clearing Processtakes approximately one+ hour. I need to be present at the site, and to see all rooms, garden or the vicinity of the land.

More information about Co-Creative Science is available in great depth in books, tapes and Videos, or internet- by Machaelle Small Wright, http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/

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