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Shamanessence’s Philosophy

In the Aquarian Age we are learning to go within to find our savior. We are the power we are looking for!

Nature’s nourishing and healing systems have supported us since the beginning of time. At present, our health and well being has been compromised by the polluting of the planet and atmosphere, in addition there is humanities mental and energetic pollution, effecting the whole planet. The relationship between our soul, the planet and our physical vehicle is greatly affected by modern technologies, and climate change. Medicine and Healing techniques of the Pisces Age no longer seem to work for many of us the way they may of in the past. We have a history of a barbaric ideology, an history of violence, fear and control. The idea that to kill and destroy ‘evil’ in order that ‘good’ can prevail lies not only in some religios dogma but it seems to be so deeply imbedded as well in Western medicine practice, daily common communications and ways of thinking, distorting emotions and ferlings. It is my opinion that this is often a conflicting path with nature and her governing systems. The fight and attempt to control our environments no longer serves us for good. We are evidently seeing how the old Piscean systems no longer have a solid place as we shift into the’ Age of Aquarius’. This shifting has been taking place since 1984, and it has accelerated in speed up and has continued to do so past 2012. The adaptation today has been very challenging and on another perspective – exciting for the whole of humanity. Many people are having to question their lives purpose, and ways to live, sustain, educate and care for our world.

Nature and DNA is life and holds all the answers to teach, support and heal us on all levels. By being open and learning to trust our inner wisdom we can work in a co-creative endeavour with Nature and upgrade our DNA in the multiverse.

I have been guided in my work with great influences from my mentors and teachers Moshe Feldenkrais, Machaelle Small Wright, Carlos Castaneda and the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Kryon, the uplifting inspiration by the stories of Anastasia (Ringing Cedars of Russia). I want to express gratitude and thanks to other teachers and Healers that have inspired me such as my genetic mother Joan Wulfsohn, Dr Nancy Mcbride Logan and the authers of the Healing Code and Emotions Code books that have helped guide my muscle testing skills to another level of mapping the mind/body/spirit.

Shamanessence® approach to self- improvement, development and healing is with our greatest multi-faceted tool; the body!

The other aspects of self are wholly respected, integrated and taken into consideration, as everything lies within our cells, our bones, muscles and our DNA. Access through the physical is very affective. I have found for myself, over the years that talk therapy did not offer great change unless supported by some healing integrative modality that included the physical self, such as Asana Yoga practice, flower essence therapy, music, & voice. I have studied and explored bodywork, NET, NLP, Body Tapping, Body Codes, Emotion Codes, Healing Codes, yoga, the performing arts; theatre and dance. Within the body, mind, soul connection- lies many sophisticated systems, some of which we may have discovered and studied to an exciting degree. Perhaps much has been commonly neglected, having recently been inaccessible, so many healing systems are still to be discovered which is very exciting! For all that we do claim to know, so many people suffer disease, chronic aches and pain and health problems that seem so common, that they are taken for granted and deemed as ‘normal’. I often must question these states of mind inorder to evolve.

To make peace with our selves, we can tap into the physical vehicle – the body, and come back to that innovative learning state we had as children. That of curiosity and the ability to keep developing the heart /brain. We can be in tune with our feelings, emotions and utilise amazing tools to release blocked emotions, conflict, stagnant energy, fractured soul, resistance/fears and learn to accept and love being who we really are throughout our journey!

Shamanessence Services™



Bodywork provides the nuero-muscular system with new options and possibilities for greater ease and grace of movement. Reduce stress, improve posture, refine performance skills, and enhance general well-being. I offer a Feldenkrais Method based healing learning sessions, with influences of Cellular Recall Therapy. For students who are open to taking Flower Essences to help balance& stabilize the sessions, I offer a personal custom made formula at the end of each session, to administer for a certain amount of days, using applied Kinesiology to confirm.
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Rediscover your body’s learning potential through somatic movement education, incorporating awareness of sensation as a inner guidance system. Enter the realm of possible pain free, effortless motion! I offer private and group lessons in Awareness Through Movement, The Feldenkrais Method, Yoga, Pilates, Deep Stretch, Contemporary/ Modern based Dance, deep muscles/fascia release with the magic bolster and balls.

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Flower Essences and Gem elixirs are the vibrational imprints of flowers, crystals, or Environmental Elixirs, Starlight’s- transferred and stabilized in water. They are very effective in helping us to recognize and rid ourselves of limiting or destructive patterns of behaviour. The essences support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. They work directly with both the electrical and central nervous system. If our electromagnetic fields were to be layed out in a straight line, it would extend to 47 miles long, that’s how much ‘wiring’ we have. This wiring includes all physical, emotional/mental and soul dimensions. When we repair, balance and stabilize the electromagnetic fields, then the body can do what its meant to do- heal!

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Emergency Trauma Solution

Emergency Trauma Solution is your custom made Rescue Remedy type formula that serves as your own personal Balance & stabiliser. Flower Essence Therapy is amazing. Its just a matter of choosing the right formulas. Long distance formulas can be devised and be shipped/ couriered if a client is very far away. I also work with animals who respond very well to Flower Essence Therapy, Microbial balancing and energy work. Gardens and plants respond very well to flower essences too!


Land/ House & Space Clearing

Service to cleanse your personal living space, office or land, using co-creative process, working with the nature and devic realms. Included in this service is a check for ‘Atmosphere Balancing’, ‘Geopathic Zone Balancing’, and ‘Microbial Balancing’ if requested (e.g mold spore infestation), ‘Insect Triangulations’ (for situations when there are more than usual amounts of insects or rodents in the home or garden). The land/ home/ property is balanced and stabilized on completion of the processes. This process is offered only to those who consent e.g owners or renters of the said space

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Chakra Charging with initial Clearing & Balancing

Chakra & Aura Cleansing; a five part intensive all in one session. Includes initial reading, meditation, visualisation, realignment, energizing of the 8 Chakras. Removal of parasitical entities and energetic cords. The chakra clearing after initial reading begins with a powerful meditation process using grounding visualisations, colours, & symbols, Shamanessence®Chakra Oils, Flower Essences during and end of each process to balance and stabilize woek. Blocks are identified and cleared. Heart addictions, trapped emotions and subconscious self saboteur habits are identified and released.
A customised personal formula is made to be taken over a short period of time for balancing and stabilizing the individual’s growth and healing process especially over the following 48 hours which helps prevent transgression into old parasitical patterns. A session can take anywhere between 75 minutes to 2 hours+ depending on the individual.

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