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Animal Health & Healing

All physical Beings have communication from their Inner Being in the form of emotion, and so, when ever your emotion is positive, you know that you are in harmony with your inner intentions.

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Flower Essence Formulas for Animals

Structural Bodywork

Feldenkrais Method® (Tellington Touch) for Animals

Microbial Balancing Process

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Animal communication

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Animals and animal companions can greatly benefit from the healing arts. In my opinion, they are actually easier to work with than adult humans, because as active balancers of the earth they are very sensitive to vibration, our thoughts and intentions.

Animals seek a co-creative existence with humans, and want to serve us in a co-creative endeavour.

They are very open to healing touch, and healing thoughts as well as our negativity.
I believe that the times in the future will come to be where we choose as a collective to once again live in non-violent community’s, and wild animals will come freely to our aid.

It has been recalled by some that they did so in ancient times when co-existence with animals was peaceful.

The day when animals can help us without fear of being killed or taken ‘prisoner’ is a possibility that may manifest in our future, I believe, if we dare to dream it into being it may come about soon.

Our relationship with animals is a vital component for the balance of our health, the planets balance and our interaction with the living Mother – Earth.

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Here at Shamanessence® I offer animal healing,
It is NOT a substitute for professional medical help with a vet. Rather, I work as a complimentary medicine therapist.

I offer structural bodywork (Feldenkrais Method®) for physical problems, such as hip displacea, or any kind of spinal deformities, or just releasing stress for the ageing companion who may be taking on too much from his environment. If your animal friend is not in great pain, she/he will allow bodywork into their experience.

In cases of intense stress, an animal will benefit from slower essences. He/she will easily accept ‘Universal Life Energy’ to help give them some extra energy on their healing journey or transition.

I offer BodyCodes® to release trapped traumas, toxins and misalignments..
Animals, like children- are extremely sensitive. They are very in tune with the environment – Nature, they can sense an on coming storm before there are any visual signs of one to us.

I offer to work long distance with domestic animals, using my body as a proxy for muscle testing, kinesiology. I can help your companion release trapped negative emotions that may compromise his or her health and vitality.

Animals, like children, take on and absorb all of our negative emotions in the living space. They are natural healers/balancers, and being so sensitive they take on a negative emotions and frequencies e.g especially with the lack of exercise and commonly purchased packaged diet of the domestic animal, forced breeding practices- illness and disease may often come prematurely.

I believe that a clean diet is imperative . It is convenient to buy cheap pet food, but one may want to really investigate what you may be feeding your companion, and question, for example what would they eat if they were in the wild..Advertising can be misleading. There may be many additives and vitamins from unclean sources ‘added’ to lots of grain and diseased meat ‘by products’. Do we really know what is in pet food? Toxins effect all living creatures.

I have known dogs to heal rapidly just from a raw food diet. Besides trapped negative emotions, I like to look into diet and water quality to help your companion live a quality life.

The bodywork I offer is as with humans, releasing unnecessary holding patterns from the nervous system, freeing up energy and well-being. The Feldenkrais Method’s application for animals is also known as ‘Tellington Touch’ which was initially devised for horses.

Animals also respond very well to Flower Essences Therapy. I like to always include vibrational medicine in my practice, as it speeds up the recovery time immensely and helps our animal companion friend’s release distress and negative trauma.
Formulas can be made and put into their drinking water, or applied topically.


In a case of transitioning animals, you may need help in ‘letting go’, so that your companion animal may move forward through their calibration/transition/ death process, be it a natural death or help/assisted death with your vet.

Flower Essences can be administered for your animal during their transitional process. For their human guardian releasing trapped negative emotions and fears will also give you and your animal companion comfort and or relief.

In the case of a poor Immune system, respiratory problems, or skin allergies, I offer Perelandra’s Microbial Balancing Solutions (MBP), which are good for both humans and animal.

Customers in USA may purchase directly from Perelendra/ltd,
If there are questions you would like to ask your companion animal, please write them down in a ‘yes’ ‘no’ answering format.

I will communicate to your companion, and seek simple answers to help you understand their wishes. Remember, animals are uncomplicated. Keep questions simple and to the point, like one would with a child.

If you cannot come close to the animal (in the case of a wild animal) you can request to be connected to Nature and and assist them. Do not touch a wild animal if possible, and call for professional help if a rescue is necessary such in the case of sea birds, seals and so forth. Local rescues can be found online and called for immediate assistance. They may advise to keep the animal warm with a blanket or towel. Do so with minial contact.

Contact: Mariamne ; shamanessence@gmail.com for consultations/treatment packages.