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The 8th Chakra


” Cosmic Perspective”. Radiance! Insight!The 8th chakra is the overview of our soul. It sits well above our head.Healthy 8th Chakra activation will stimulate the five chakra’s above the head.


    This chaka is in charge of our energy resources. It is the overseer of all our chakras, and is associated with the multi aspects of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

    The 8th Chakra is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. The seat of the soul is the major core star of our energetic system, also holding the records of on what our souls had agreed as specific lessons in our upcoming lifetimes and past lives

    It is also our link to the other galaxies and dimensions.

    This formula comes with the enhanced capacity to help release one’s hold onto various physical-body belief patterns, to adapt to time shifts (speeding up and slowing down of time) and to the individual’s ability to receive messages from guides, helpers and teachers from high vibrational dimensions.

    The 8th Chakra Oil works in correspondence with the base chakra, somewhat like an energetic ‘bookend’ with what is described as ‘the seat of the soul’.
    The 8th chaka is the overview of our soul.

    Healing strategy; with karma being involved, 8th Chakra healing activation brings out and clears past life trauma or patterns. Keeping in mind that as soon as these old patterns are clear, an acceleration in spiritual abilities will be accelerated.


    Active Ingredients:

    Flower Essences: Bo Tree, Date Palm, Heliconia, Mallow, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Silversword,

    Gem Elixirs: Covelite, Iridium, Orthoclase, Platinum, Silver,

    Environmentals: Hydrogen, Ozone, Xenon.

    Essential Oils: Marjoram, Lavender, Rosemary, Melissa, Patchouli, & Thyme.

    Ayurvedic Oil base, Grapefruit Seed extract & love.

    How To Use?

    Shake well, apply 4 drops into palms and immediately rub vigorously together and ‘cup’ your palms aprox 10 cm above your crown chakra and allow an energetic transference out of your palms into this sphere.

    ‘See’ or feel the frequencies/active ingredients transfer into your 8th Chakra.

    Afterwards, ‘brush’ your Aura (space around your physical body) downwards with your palms, from your head down towards the feet, and flick the wrists towards the earth!

    Dry off hands on skin or towel.

    Healing Affirmations:

    I am feeling, loving and expressing my vision of divine purpose in a timely manner.
    I am one with the Universe!


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