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Creative Impulse! Great for increasing intuitive & psychic abilities, for Healers, Artists, Choreographers and intense studies (improves concentration)


    This is the  alternate ‘Prosperity’ formula, for the artistic Soul.
    Key words are; energetic creativity; self-clarity and inspiration, exuberant artistic activity; improved self-esteem, diminished fear, grounding; ability to trust and the positive expectation of goodwill from others.
    Improves ones ability to ‘tune in’ and communicate; plus it includes aura cleansing and Grounding aspects.
    Eases concentration during study and homework, for students and artists of all ages.


    Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Rose Geranium & Chamomile

    Active Ingredients:
    Gem Elixirs; Sapphire, Conichalite, Zircon.
    Flower Essences: Indian Paintbrush, Oregon Grape, Ribbon Pea, Okra, Alpine Lilly.
    Environmental Essences: Moon.
    Starlights: M6
    Combination Formulas: Shamanessence Space & Aura CleanserCommunication Combo (Cosmos, Lotus, Papyrus, Shasta Daisy, Columbite), Self Esteem Combo(Apple, Black Eyed Susan, Brazil Nut, Lion’s Tail, Milkmaids, Lepidolite, Argon).
    Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, Chammomile Mixa

    In structured spring water base, grapefruit seed extract and love!

    How To Use?

    Shake well each use to reactivate the frequencies!

    Spray around your aura, above the head high. You may additionally spray the 3rd Eye area (base of nose, in between the eyebrows).

    Musicians have reported amazing results by spraying the recording studio, and around the instruments.

    Teenagers have reported amazing results with studying for exams. They claim to have greater concentration abilities and are able to assimilate information better than usual.


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