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Bliss/ happiness/ uplifting/ life purpose


    Spiritual upliftment can be found in the conectivity of our Being.
    Life involves so much more than what meets the eye (or mind). Appreciation is the key to opening the door to Joy.
    Awakening is the personal journey of joyous inner expansion. Seeing is the stalking process. Joy is the outcome!

    This formulas has proven to be especially (and not restricted) popular with mature women. Beautifully scented with essential oils of Sandalwood & Geranium. A favorite  for  mom’s with empty nests, life purpose seeking Souls, skin nourishing treatments, embracing of the inner feminine .  Soul felt relief for the weary navigater!


    Active Ingredients:

    Flower Essences: Gotukola, Summer Squash, Garlic, Shooting Star, Illawarra Flame Tree, Rosa Gallica, Hollyhock, Rosa Hardi, Zinnia, Apricot.

    Crystal Elixirs: Boji Stone, Emerald, Onyx, Sapphire, Torbernite, Szenicite, Ruby, Woodwardite, Cavanisite, Apophyllite

    Environmental: Sobopla

    Starlight: M11 (Long term Relationship)

    Essential Oils:
     Sandalwood  & Geranium

    In a Blessed structured water base, grapefruit seed extract and Love!

    How To Use?

    Shake well to activate the healing frequencies!

    Spray over your head high, your face and heart.
    You can spray the environment before special occasions.
    A wonderful addition to your cosmetic facial routine; toner, light cleanser, skin hydrating mist!


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