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LOVE Anointing Amulet™


(1/2 oz) 15 ml $50.00

Why put your heart on hold? Open and heal it with Shamanessence Love & Harmony™ Anointing Amulet! This special concentrated formula of vibrational elixirs and essential oils help us connect to our true nature inner being, which has great potential for tapping into love and affection for ourseleves and all of creation. Awaken and journey a path of unconditional love & harmony. Open and heal your heart!


    Get instant access to the vibrational healing Shamanessence® Love & Harmony™ formula in powerful concentrate, to be carried in your medicine bag, pocket or use directly on heart chakra, or energy points!
    Shamanessence® Anointing Amulets™ are powerful Talismans that are very concentrated formulas designed for moving and healing Chi/Energy. They are popular tools for Ritual, Ceremony, Bath and Energy Work. Anointing Amulets™ can also be diluted and used as Shamanessence® spray refills for environment and travel!

    Carry your Love Anointing Amulet™ with you on your body, (a great addition to your Medicine Bag), giving your electromagnetic field and crystals/herbs a constant positive vibrational ‘charge’!

    This formula contains a unique synergistic blend of Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Environmental Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, Essential Oils, and Love. You may apply after shaking externally on meridian points, energy centers and minor injuries. Anointing Amulets are very concentrated, so they can be diluted with oil, lotions, face moisturizer, or add 8-12 drops to your bath and soak for an overall vibrational tune up body treatment.


    Ingredients: Flower Essences, Crystal Elixirs, Environmental Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, Nature Essences & Kabbalah Formula(s); Fig Blossom, Baby Blue Eyes, Dampiera, Iris, MariposaLily, Lotus, Orange Blossom, Saguaro, Penny Royal, Nasturitum, Celery, Soul Ray #3, Soul Ray #4, B1, Green Jasper, Krypton, M6, Combo ‘Dance Free’:(Angelica, Colts foot, Blue Flag, Rosa Webbiana, Alunite, Scolesite, Garnet Hessonite, Berthierite, Zunyite, Neon, Oxygen, Ruchbah, Sadr, Deneb, Vega) Combo ‘Aetheric Waterfall’: Indian Pipe, Dutch mans Breeches, Aloe Eru, Swamp Onion, Scolesite, Torberite, Apophyllite, Vivianite, Brochanite, Dioptase, Argon, Mirfak, Ruchbah) Combo ‘Pertolchemical Elimination'( Beryl, Lapis Lazuli, Limestone & Sapphire.)

    Essential Oils: Essential oils of Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Palma Rosa & Peppermint

    In an alcohol base.

    How To Use?

    Directions: Wear directly on the body, in your pocket or medicine bag. For direct application, shake well and use sparingly (1-3 drops is sufficient). For bath, use 8 – 12 drops just prior to immersion. As the bottle gets lesser in content, the vibrational frequencies become less powerful for impacting the body for wearing it, so resort to using directly on energy points, spray,  on your body lotion or  bath instead. Safe for use on children.

    Disclaimer: These products are not a substitute for medical attention. In the case of open wound injuries, one can use them around the surrounding areas whilst waiting for medical attention. Do not use on broken skin!   Please use common sense in situations where medical attention is a needed, as Shamanessence Products are not a replacement for professional help.


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