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(1/2 oz)  $50.00

Cleanse and charge your aura and disperse unpleasant psychic energies powerfully and effortlessly. Get instant access to the vibrational healing Shamanessence® formulas in powerful Anointing Amulet™ concentrates, to be carried in your medicine bag, pocket, use in the bath, spray your environment or for cleansing your crystals!Space & Aura Cleanser Anointing Amulet™ will charge and cleanse your aura, dispersing unpleasant psychic energies powerfully and effortlessly. It may also be used as additions to energy healing/meridian points, sprays, bathing, lotions.


    Shamanessence® Anointing Amulets™ are powerful Talismans that are very concentrated formulas designed for moving and healing Chi/Energy. They are popular tools for Ritual, Ceremony, Bath and Energy Work. Anointing Amulets™ can also be diluted and used as Shamanessence® spray refills for economical travel!

    Carry your Space & Aura Anointing Amulet™ on you, (great in a Medicine Bag), giving your electromagnetic field and crystals/herbs a positive vibrational ‘charge’!

    This formula contains unique synergistic blends of Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Environmental Elixirs, Starlight Elixirs, Essential Oils, and Love. Anointing Amulets™ may be used externally on meridian points, energy centers and minor injuries aches and pain. It is very concentrated, so can be diluted with oil, lotions, face moisturizer, or add 8-12 drops to bath soak for an overall vibrational cleansing tune up body/soul treatment.

    As the bottles contents decrees in volume, the vibrational impact decreases as a wearing Talisman. When your bottle is half way used, resort to use for options like cleansing crystals, sprays for the environment, lotions and bath. May be also added to facial moisturizers.


    Ingredients: Vibrational frequencies of Flower Essences, Crystal Elixirs, Environmental Essences: Penny royal, Calendula, Luffa, Pink Yarrow, Rosa Macrophylla, Cedar, Green Quartz, Helium, Xenon, Ozone, Rubellite, Tourmaline: Black, Blue, Cat’s Eye Tourmaline, Green, Quartz, Watermelon, & White Tourmaline.

    Essential Oils of Lavender & Geranium.

    In an alcohol base.

    How To Use?

    Directions: Wear in your medicine pouch, or pocket for constant vibrational charging. For direct application, shake well and use sparingly (1-3 drops is sufficient). For bath, use 8 – 12 drops just prior to immersion. To cleanse your crystals, add 3 drops to last rinse water and soak at-least 5 minutes.

    Disclaimer: These products are not a substitute for medical attention. In the case of open wound injuries, one can use them around the surrounding areas whilst waiting for medical attention. Do not use on broken skin!   Please use common sense in situations where medical attention is a needed, as Shamanessence Products are not a replacement for professional help.


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