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PROTECTION Anointing Amulet


Size 1/2 oz $50.00

Get instant access to the vibrational healing Shamanessence® formulas in powerful concentrates, to be carried in your medicine bag, pocket or use in sprays, lotions or the bath! Wearing your Protection Anointing Amulet™/Anointing Talisman™ is a powerful modality to strengthen your Auric field, and boundaries for greater energetic integrity. This formula can be applied directly onto injuries (asap), as long as one does NOT apply to open wounds, but rather around the vicinity. The formula will instantly repair tears in the aura, allowing the bodies natural healing to accelerate. Great in cosmetics, bath, sprays and lotions.


    Get instant access to the vibrational healing Shamanessence formulas in powerful concentrates, to be carried in your medicine bag, pocket or use in the bath!

    Shamanessence® Anointing Amulets™ are powerful Talismans that are very concentrated formulas designed for moving and healing Chi/Energy. They are popular tools for Ritual, Ceremony, Bath and Energy Work. Anointing Amulets™ can also be diluted and used as Shamanessence® spray refills for economical travel!

    Carry your Protection Anointing Amulet™ with you, (a great addition to your Medicine Bag), giving your electromagnetic field and crystals/herbs a positive, immediate vibrational ‘charge’!

    When your bottle gets half empty, replace with a new one for your medicine pouch, but you may continue to use your Protection Anointing Amulet formula for energy


    Crystal Elixirs: Sapphire Ruby, Fluorite, Zircon, Hermeker Diamond, Rose Quartz, Azurite, Covelite, Lapiz Lazulite, Green Jasper, Malachite, Amethyst, Copper, Gold, Silver, Red Beryl, Endlichite, Chronium.
    Environmental: Ozone, Neon
    Animal Vibrational Essences: White River Dolphins
    Starlight Elixir: Alderamin, Jupiter
    Flower Essences: White Bluebell, Mountain Devil, Pineapple, Cauliflower, Mulla Mill, Cancer Bush, Fuchsia, Mullein, Pink Monkey Flower, Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow, Arnica, Echinacea, Sea Salt, Nasturtium, Vanilla, Tree of Life, Self Heal.

    Essential Oils: Rosewood, Balsam Peru, Sage Dalmation, Spearmint.

    In alcohol base.

    How To Use?

    Wear on your body, or in your pocket/medicine bag for the constant healing vibrational frequencies of the Prosperity & Abundance Anointing Amulet.

    For direct applications, shake well and use sparingly (1-3 drops is sufficient). For bath, use 8 – 12 drops just prior to immersion. Add 8-12 drops to 2oz spray bottle in clean water and shake well! You may also add to body lotions.

    Note: For best results – As the bottles contents disperse (from direct applications) the healing frequencies for direct body contact in pocket or medicine bag wear diminishes because the contents volume becomes less. Once the bottle is half used, it is best to use for direct applications rather than wearing on body or medicine bag. If you ant to continue to use as a Talisman, it is recommended to purchase a new bottle and use the older one for direct applications.

    Disclaimer: These products are not a substitute for medical attention. In the case of open wound injuries, one can use them around the surrounding areas whilst waiting for medical attention. Do not use on broken skin! Please use common sense in situations where medical attention is a needed, as Shamanessence Products are not a replacement for professional help.


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